Director of Business Development


Title: International Director of Business Development
Employment Type: Full Time
Experience: Senior-Level 5+ years experience
Job Function: Business Development and Marketing for New Clients
Reports to: President

The Director of Business Development will head up agency growth in Europe. With successful established clients in the United States, Blackstone Agency is looking to expand its presence in Europe. This person would be in charge of acquiring new strategic clients that align with the target-specific niche market that Blackstone has in the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, marine, aviation, construction, business development and media. The Director of Business Development will work closely with the President to develop and promote offerings and services to increase revenue for the agency.



  • Oversee, plan, develop and implement sales and marketing efforts to gain new recurring revenue
  • Oversee operations and management of European clients
  • Understand and learn the culture of Blackstone Agency and operations
  • Lead campaign development for new businesses
  • Nurture target clients identified as growth industries or clients
  • Create accurate and timely reports of key marketing metrics with insights and recommendations for enhancements
  • Generate, foster and maintain inbound and outbound leads
  • Oversees inbound sales and marketing efforts for agency services
  • Attend events to gain and promote new businesses
  • Collaborate with the President on new opportunities, emerging technologies, marketing tactics and new media related to client business objectives.
  • Work alongside the President to grow the company

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • 6+ years of business development and sales experience in the European market
  • Experience in inbound and outbound sales
  • Deep understanding of how different marketing channels interact, affect and enhance each other when executed properly
  • Proven record of accomplishment of creating leads with mid to large companies
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities, strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to travel back and forth to the United States


Company growth, private insurance, vacation, travel, flexible hours

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