We Believe in a Simple and Collaborative Process

Refined and perfected by working with brands for 25 years

We are a crew of passionate marketing professionals who create brand strategies,
do magical marketing and develop companies’ success plans.


Blackstone Agency


Blackstone Agency is a full-service Strategic Marketing and Branding Agency located in South Florida. We have a track record for getting to know the companies and brands we work with on a personal level, and understand them sometimes more than the owners themselves do.


Since no two companies are alike, no two marketing strategies or plans should be alike. We don’t have “packages”, a one size fits all website or a series of pre-fab marketing programs. To us, that is a waste of both time and money and could set you back and even has the potential of damaging your brand.  


Grif Blackstone, the founder of Blackstone Agency, has developed countless brands and has launched over 336 start-up businesses— from small non-profits to large national multi-location companies—he has done it all. Our unique approach to fully understanding our clients’ brand, needs, goals and even operations allows us to make really successful moves that gain ground and results in marketing.


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