What makes Blackstone Agency unique?

Working at Blackstone Agency, on the AgenSea, is amazing. When I can literally aboard. I quickly understood more about the marine industry than I thought was possible in the first month. It make sense when you are surrounded by the industry. We get our clients and our clients trust us in knowing exactly what the need in promoting and growing their businesses.

One thing I like about working with Grif is his 22 years of marking experience. He knows how different aspects of marketing and business development work together. It’s not just about marketing it’s how marketing and sales work hand in hand. He loves to teach and help grow each member of the crew. 
– Sylvia Beres Peterson, Marketing Assistant

Working with Blackstone Agency has been one one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career. Having the ability to arrive to my job and see the ocean with the sun, it does not ever feel like work. I enjoy my job, as well as the unconventional work space that creates such an incredible creative outlet. Also, it really helps understand the marine clients we have we work for, I feel it gives them confidence we are the agency for them. Blackstone Agency is an agency that I am proud to be apart of. Working with Grif has been so beneficial to me and furthering my career, I am so appreciative of our BOffice and I would not want it any other way. 
– Brittany Paul, Account Coordinator

Working for the AgenSea has been one of the best learning experiences I could have ever asked for. As someone who knew virtually nothing about boating prior to joining the team, working on the boat has been the best way to expose me to boating terminology and the different aspects related to boating. For example, rather than having to sit and research what a fender was, I was able to actually walk around the docks to understand the various types of fenders and see them in action. Working in a traditional office setting would not allow me to gain such hands-on experience and actually working on a boat, while writing about boats does wonders for the creative process. Working in such a unique setting with such a diverse team has provided me with an incredible internship experience! 
– Elizabeth Korkin, Content Writer

As an Marketing Director at Blackstone Agency, I want to personally say that this agency has an edge in the industry. Not only do we know the marine industry we live in it daily. It’s not easy to keep an edge in the marketing industry but Grif has created an environment that makes it happen. He is awesome at what he does and has a good crew. Clients love the unique marine setting and gives them comfort knowing that we TRULY do understand what we can do for them. We literally live and breathe the marine industry at the AgenSea.
Tiffany Holley, Marketing Director

Blackstone Agency has a very unique office setting that really lends itself to becoming fully immersed in marine life.  As a writer for the company, I find it extremely helpful to be able to visit the AgeanSea and experience everything first hand.  The company that Grif has built is a testament to his passion and knowledge of the marine industry, and both clients and employees benefit from that.  Once you visit the AgeanSea, clients have no doubt that they are in capable hands.
– Megan De Janon, Content Writer

I have worked for Grif for over 3 years. He is innovative and strategic which aligned with him moving the office on a boat nicknamed the BOffice. Specializing in the marine and aviation industry really helps with understanding the surroundings and clients. It’s unconventional but relaxed and productive. Without the normal distractions of a typical office you can really focus on your work and be creative.
– Jim Combs, Graphic Designer

I have been working with Blackstone Agency for over a year and it has been an amazing experience especially working alongside with Grif. From the day I started working with Blackstone Agency I have been extremely impressed with how well-staffed and knowledgeable the team was about the marine and aviation industry. Blackstone Agency is a company that operates with a positive attitude and has its priorities right. They care greatly about their clients and crew with a culture that demonstrates high ethics and values. I am proud to be involved in a company that does what they say they will do and really knows their industry.
– Carine Marie, Bookkeeper 

As a former Digital Marketing Specialist with Blackstone Agency, let me say that the company has a very unique place in the marine and aviation industry that Grif has personally invested time to create with his experience in the industry. With that, the Blackstone crew works out of AgenSea, a unique office on the water that no other marine marketing agency in the area has. It is quite different and it was a pleasure to work there. It actually helped me understand and build my knowledge of the industry. That was important to me based on the niche of clients Blackstone keeps.
Having an office on AgenSea actually gave us a bit of a competitive edge as well in our niche and that was important given that Blackstone is a small marketing agency. The clients that Grif and his team take care of appreciate very much that he literally lives what he does and that he actually understands their world. He walks the walk, not just talks the talk.
– Deja Holley, Digital Marketing Specialist