When building or starting up a brand, understanding who you are and what the essence of your company is are two important details that are often times overlooked. Many think that being a brand just means having a nice logo, however, this mindset could not be farther from the truth. Having a consistent design, color and message in all of your marketing materials is critical to the success of any branding initiative, but that comes later. Brand strategy defines the core of who your company is going to be, what it is and who it is going to attract. Diving into a logo and calling it a brand is the biggest mistake most companies make.


It’s a given that you need to have a website that fits your company’s needs and services. Every business today requires an online presence that ensures that they will be found in search results. Having a website that is designed to become part of your marketing or sales team takes planning and strategy. Anyone can build a website these days, but it takes more than an online page builder to build something that can compete and generate new business.


Blackstone Agency has over 15 years of experience in eCommerce website development. Gone are the days of launching a website and making millions simply off of all the online sales. Today, you need serious planning, strategy and a web development team that can guide you to success. There’s more to an effective eCommerce website than just providing a great product at reasonable prices.


Social Media is where people around the world are interacting, sharing, searching and viewing online. Brands now have the opportunity to meet the consumer where they are already engaging and talking about the brand (or its competitors). If brands want to join the social media ecosystem, they must be prepared to routinely push out fresh and engaging content that also adds value to their followers or target audience.


At Blackstone Agency, we have been successfully marketing content for over 22 years. Way before the internet was born, Blackstone helped companies grow through direct mail, publications and newsletters. Content is still king! In an age where we choose what to consume, where to get it and how we view it, it is crucial to understand your target audience in order to keep them coming back for more. See the difference Blackstone makes with helping you create radically relevant content.


Startup marketing is what every new business needs. However, surrounding it is a delicate dance regarding how much of it is needed, what parts to spend money on and how to reach new customers through it, all while cash flow is tight. Every business is unique and needs to have a plan created by professionals in order to succeed. Our philosophy of Never Look Small™ has helped new businesses get started on the right foot, all while saving thousands of dollars and has even helped business go from a failure to launch.


Branded marketing collateral is key in any business. Marketing Collateral serves many purposes, but it is most commonly used to build a brand, tell a story or support the sale of a brand’s products or services. These different pieces of sales content should always reinforce a brand ‘s message through logo, design, colors, typeface and contact information. Regardless of the marketing pieces you choose to advertise to consumers or promote for business-to-business initiatives, it is critical that your brand messaging remains consistent.