Secure the attention of your potential customers with a good first impression on your website.

When doing business online, every aspect of your online presence needs to be carefully aligned to your overall marketing strategy. To gain leads and ultimately make conversions, you will need effective landing pages.

Although there are many aspects of your marketing effort that work to boost traffic and generate leads, there is sometimes too much emphasis placed in some areas, such as paid advertising, while other critical areas are overlooked. You could have the best advertising in the world, but if you don’t have the landing page that persuades and obtains buy-in, then you’re not going to see results.

At Blackstone Agency, we work with you to create compelling landing pages that can help grow your business.

Gain Attention with Eye-Catching Headlines

Gain Attention with Eye-catching Headlines

Your headline will determine whether your audience stays engaged or moves along to the competition. Are your headlines working for you, and are they eye-catching and relevant enough to keep your audience interested? A powerful headline will immediately draw a reader into your content. It will be to the point, relevant to what you’re offering, and convincing enough to persuade readers to learn more.

What Is Your Value Proposition?

If you’ve pulled the reader in with a compelling headline, then you need to continue delivering content that is of interest and offers something your reader needs. Whatever your niche is, you’re in business to serve wants and needs.

You must position your offering in a way that empathizes with what the audience is experiencing while offering satisfaction for something they desire or a solution to a problem they have.

Relating to your audience is essential. Building rapport through your content will help them determine that you understand their needs, and you’re the authority when it comes to satisfying those needs. This means you will never talk ‘at’ your audience; instead, you will converse with them naturally.

Testimonials, a short list of benefits and interesting case studies are all examples of ways you can relate to your audience and help develop a mutual understanding of the problem or desire while establishing trust in your brand.

Your Content Is Essential

A landing page needs to provide enough information to obtain buy-in but should not overload the reader with unnecessary information. Your marketing strategy should, therefore, have an emphasis on quality content. You should take great care to ensure that every word has meaning, the information is accurate, and there is no unnecessary fluff that adds nothing of value to your reader.

Taking the time to develop effective content, whether you do it yourself or engage with content marketing professionals, will help you to increase lead and conversion rates.

The Right Way to Use Images

Images can add visual appeal, but from a marketing standpoint, the information they provide is limited. Make sure you select images carefully and have a good balance of images and text on your landing page.

Images can be used for branding but also showcase what you’re trying to offer. If you’re offering a service rather than a product, then infographics are a great way to create visual impact while also providing valuable information.

Your Call to Action

You’ve developed strong content and a landing page with visual impact. Your readers like what they’re reading, and they see your value proposition as compelling.

How do you take this opportunity and have the reader opt-in to the next stage? With a strong call to action, of course.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of your opt-in button. It should be conspicuous, in contrast to the main copy, and clearly labeled. Text links or simple graphics are most effective.
  • Relate back to the content in your call to action. Repeat the need or desire, reinforce why your offering is the best solution, and challenge the reader to take the next step by doing business with you.

Remember, by the time you reach your call to action, your reader should completely understand what it is that you have to offer and why it’s the best option on the market. Even with this, if you don’t challenge them to take action by clicking through, then all of your marketing strategies will go to waste.

Grow Your Revenue with Your Landing Pages

Don’t waste your time and financial investment by neglecting to develop effective landing pages. Your marketing strategy should be viewed holistically, with all of your advertising copy and content being designed to lead your audience to a sales funnel. A landing page is crunch time, where all of your efforts come together to bring in leads.

Highly informative, interesting, eye-catching and relevant landing pages are essential to ensure that you are able to increase revenue and grow your business.