With any marketing message, your goal is to educate, entice, and retain customers. No matter how complex your core products and services are, there’s always value to be gained by keeping your marketing message both simple and impactful. Minimalist marketing makes your message easier to understand, and it also helps to keep it strongly implanted in the mind of your audience.

Find a Simple Idea That Sticks

Think about your offering and what it provides to consumers. What need does it serve, or what kind of emotional response can you gain from consumers who are exposed to your offering? Flush out your key marketing messages in detail, and then take the most important ones and condense them into something short that tells consumers exactly who you are, and why your product and value proposition is best suited to their needs.

Communicate Key Aspects of Your Message

Keep your message simple when it comes to communicating your business marketing

Once you’ve consolidated the key aspects of your brand and offering into a simple message, it’s time to share that across all of the platforms that are available to you. Your website, social media, digital advertising, and traditional advertising. All platforms need to carry a consistent message based on a simple idea.

Take Simplicity to All Areas of Your Marketing Presence

The benefits of a simple slogan and short form advertising could be undone if you don’t carry a minimalist message throughout all of your copy. Print media advertisements, radio spots, and your online presence should all be aligned to the concept of simplicity.

When you over complicate your pitch, you’ll lose the attention of your audience. Consumers do want to know about your offering and the benefits they can gain (especially when you aren’t an established company), but they will need to be able to take away the key points, even from a relatively short exposure time. Again, these aspects of your message are most important.

Who you are.

  • What you are offering.
  • Why it’s the best option/solution for your market.

Focus on these key features in all of your marketing, and you’ll have a better chance of engaging with new leads who have taken interest in your brand.

Coca-Cola, The Epitome of a Simple Message

Coca-Cola is one example of a company that truly understands a simple message. The core of any Coke campaign has been fun and enjoyment. In fact, the company used the simple slogan of ‘Enjoy’ throughout the early 2000s, and in print and visual media, they used simple imagery of people and families enjoying their product in everyday situations.

Coca-Cola didn’t focus on their ingredients, or even the taste of their product. The message was simple – Coca-Cola is something that is ubiquitous with good times.

You might not sell soda or even be involved in the beverage industry, and not every company will be able to take a marketing message down to a single word or sentence. However, you can easily appreciate how such a simple message can be used to grow product sales and keep the brand relevant to existing consumers. Continuing in more recent campaigns, Coca-Cola has again aimed for simplicity and fun, with marketing focused around slogans like “Life Tastes Good”, “Open Happiness”, and “Taste The Feeling”.

Rely on a Professional Marketing Team for a Simple Message That Works

If you’ve found it difficult to communicate your brand and your products in simple terms, it’s time to seek the help of a professional marketing team. Blackstone Agency can help you to refine your marketing message, providing you with a complete strategy that covers all aspects of your local, online, and traditional media presence.